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What is an RSS Feed? What does RSS mean?

RSS feeds are a simple an effective way to add fresh content on your site. When you add RSS feeds to your sites, your site will get updated automatically with headlines and snippets of new content from your RSS site sources. What this means for you is that your site enjoys better search engine rankings as search engine spiders always love fresh content. Your website visitors will also enjoy visiting your website as there would always be new interesting relevant links and information.

To add RSS feeds to your site is also not as difficult as many think.  First you need to subscribe to our RSS feeds program. Our feeds are gotten from regularly updated, content rich reverse mortgage websites and blogs. Once you subscribe to our program you will receive the RSS feeds script codes from us which you can then add to your site.

Simply take the RSS feed script codes you received from us to FrontPage. Go to the insert web component and then click on html markup. Then paste the script codes you got from us in the allotted box. What you get is the RSS feeds to add to your website or blogs.

Now to add the html script to your blog if it is from Blogger.com is as follows. Sign in and click customize on the top right. Then you click on add a new page element. Then a smaller new window would open and you have to click add html/java or third party script. Once this is done a new box opens for you to paste the code. Paste it and then click save. Back at the customize page you can drag the RSS feed to the desired place or spot on the page.

For other blogs like Word Press and other websites you simply add and store the codes in the html script for the appropriate page.

All inquiries please send to: subscribe@fullfeeds.com